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Progeny of Drake In Command
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ASA #2361716
Drake In Command
Drake In Command

Pictured at 10 months of age
Birth Date: 04/10/2006

NICHOLS LEGACY G151 -- 1937373
CNS DREAM ON L186 -- 2144976
CNS SHEEZA DREAM K107W -- 2058400
DRAKE P129-- 12361714
HAINES COW H97 -- 1988616

  CE Brth Wean Year MCE Milk MWW Stay CW YG Marb BF REA Shr API TI
EPD 12.1 0.3 27.0 46.4 7.8 1.6 15.1 13.6 -9.5 -0.03 0.21 0.01 0.04   104.1 62.4

Homozygous Black/Homozygous Polled

In Command looks to be the most consistent sire we have ever used.  Phenonemal calving ease to begin with.  At Snyder Simmental, several 1st calf Angus heifers calved in 2008 and 2009 with zero assists.  We have had 40 heifers and cows of all types calve in 2010 with zero assists.  With this kind of calving ease the calves are a little unimpressive until about 3 months of age when they explode with growth.

In Command’s performance himself, reads a 72 lb. B.W. a 884 205 wt. and a 1455 365 day wt. with a 6.3 yearling frame score.

In Command sires a look all his own.  Progeny gain his unmatched structural soundness, astounding profile, correct muscle pattern, perfect hip and rear leg set packaged into a soft made, deep sided, big ribbed and perfect shoulder to neck transition.  Now, how can one bull be all that?  There’s more!  On his Igenity DNA profile he scored a 9 out of 10 for docility.  And it is right on.  These are the easiest calves to break that you will find.

Semen Package: 10 Unit Semen Packages $1,000
Contact: Denny at 641-658-2288 or Cara at 641-895-9230
or by email: drakecattle@gmail.com

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